Dracula Wines – What Are We Doing In Sunny California?

Dracula Wines - As Long As It Is Red-07You might be a little surprised that someone so dark and who doesn’t really like the sun  has moved all the way to the sunny California and has even started making wines for the living. You see, the reason for this is that the vampires have finally decided to offer a hand of friendship to their long-time enemies, the living and, what better way to to that than over a glass of excellent wine?

But really, who else can have that kind of skill in making wines than the vampires? Okay, we aren’t really vampires, but the wine that we are making is really good though. We deliberately chose California, or more specifically the Sonoma coast, which is an excellent ground for making both white and red wines. The solid and the fresh air that comes from the ocean, especially in September are something that really lets the wine thrive in this nice, coastal region.

For those that like white wines, we make an excellent Chardonnay. This smooth wine, with a nice fruity flavor of apple, peach and lemon is just ideal for a light lunch with some chicken or other poultry. It also goes very well with some mild cheese, like Cheddar or Cotija or Padela.

Our Cabernet Sauvingnon has that traditional Bordeaux feel to it. The moderate daytime temperature accompanied with plenty of sun and cool nights in the summer are ideal for the development of this nice, fruity wine. Put into small oak barrels and given around 18 months to settle, before bottling, this wine comes out with a ripe flavor and comes great with some pasta or grilled meat.

Of course, we can’t really talk about wines, without mentioning Champagne-like wines. The Brut Rose that comes from our wineries has a delicate color. This comes from the fact that the grapes are made into the wine while they were very young. Its fresh raspberry and strawberry taste be greatly appreciated by all who taste it for the first time.

Dracula Wines - As Long As It Is Red-06Those that drink wine often say that if there is any wine that the devil would drink, it would definitely be Pinot Noir. But why should only him enjoy a good wine? Dracula Merlot is put into the American Oak barrels, where they are left to sit in the cellar for the next 18 months, before bottling. Once you try this wine, its dark cherry and raspberry taste will tell you just why does the devil enjoy it so much.

Dracula Merlot is a nice, fresh medium-bodied wine, with a rich aroma of black cherry, accompanied by various spices. Put into French Oak barbells, it develops a nice fruity flavor, that is further complemented with just a little taste of vanilla and toast that come from the barrels. This wine is excellent to have with almost any meet, from beef, lamb to the game, but it also goes very well with some spaghetti with tomato-based sauce.

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